disneyland half

I successfully finished the Disneyland Half Marathon!! Woot woot! My unofficial time was around 2:02/2:03. I saw unofficial because a) I had to stop to use the restroom around mile 2, b) per my garmin, when I crossed the finish line the total distance was 13.23 miles, and c) I forgot to stop my timer right away and walked a few feet before I did. I’m happy with my time though; I did secretly want to come in under 2 hours, but while I was out on the course, I just decided to enjoy the run and not stress over the time. I also took a one minute walking break around mile 8 as my knee was starting to feel sore. Must have helped as I didn’t feel anything more once I started up again.

So, the morning of the race…all week I was super nervous as to how the weather would be since it was hot in the 90’s (even 100’s) all week. Even though the morning’s are cooler, its been warm in the morning and gets hot quickly. So, I was very happy when I went out and it was cool and a little overcast. I’m not sure how, but I was placed in the second corral (aren’t the beginning corrals reserved for fast runners? aka – not me!). I had done a good job a psyching myself out coming to the start line thinking I was going to be surrounded by super fit runners, but was happily surprised to feel like I blended in and that everyone seemed like average runners (which to me means wearing your basic running shorts and shoes…nothing too fancy!) Even though I was worried about the heat, I had decided to wear my new running skirt with the capri tights underneath as to not have to deal with pulling short legs down and chaffing. (gotta love running talk!)

It was about 8 minutes before the race was set to start and I had to go to the restroom SO bad. As in SO bad. But, with the port-o-potties way behind me and the race about to start, I didn’t want to try to weave my way through the crowd. I knew they had stops along the course, but I also decided to run with my Nathan waterbottle (which I love) and I really didn’t want to have to take that with me into a port-o-potty, I took my chances to see how long I could last. Luckily, the course starts out going a mile on surface streets and then into the Disneyland park. Hallelujah, there was a regular restroom at mile 2!!!!!!!!! Whew! That could have been bad.

I survived my first ever restroom catastrophe and pushed forward. We were only in the park for about a mile, maybe a mile and a half and then back onto surface streets. What I loved about this course, was there was never a long stretch of road where you would look ahead and feel like you were never going to get there. You could constantly see where the next turn was, which helps me to motivate myself when feeling like I want to stop to just get to the next corner, etc. The first 6 miles went by surprisingly very fast and I was able to stay at a 9:20/9:30 pace which is what I wanted to do. Getting close to mile 8, was when my knee started to feel sore. I’m generally tough on myself and don’t want to have to walk, but I had just been to a doctor’s appointment and she was telling me how she used to be a runner until she blew out her knee training for a marathon and could no longer run, and I want to be able to always run. So, I allowed myself a one minute walk break. And it was perfect. After that I started back up and was feeling good.

My favorite part of the course was running through Angel’s stadium. I’m not a huge baseball fan or anything, but it was just felt special to run through the tunnels and onto the field. There were about 2500 kids in the stadium just going nuts cheering everyone on. Then I saw myself on the jumbo-tron. I was one scary, sweaty mess!! At least that only lasted for a second! But still super fun. After getting through Angel’s stadium, I did kind of hit a wall, but was still feeling good. Oddly, I was craving just pure water. I had a half gatorade (lemon-lime) half water mix in my waterbottle, but all I really wanted was water. So at mile 10 and 11 I grabbed a cup and stopped for a few seconds to drink. I haven’t yet mastered the run, not spill, and drink without chocking or water going up my nose yet. Soon after mile 12 you could see the Tower of Terror coming up, so I knew we were close and soon later entered California Adventures. At mile marker 13 we had left the park and were entering Downtown Disney and I also happened to check my watch where it was reading 13.1. Tricky! From there I sprinted to the end and finito! Yay!

IMG_2219Not a great picture, but oh well. I haven’t seen any postings of the photos from the race yet (although I NEVER like them…I’m an “ugly runner”…always looking like I’m in pain or can’t breathe! haha). And I’ll have to take some pics of the medal as it is ginormous!


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new running skirt!

I recently purchased this running skirt from athleta.com. I’ve been eyeing it for a while since it has the capris under it for more coverage and no worries of chaffing. Since I have a couple half marathons coming up (Disneyland half this coming weekend!) I wanted to be sure to test it out in a jiffy. I normally wouldn’t pick a long run for testing out new gear, but was too eager and hoping for the best. Sunday I had a 10 miler planned and attire included the running skirt.

I really like this skirt! I guess its really capris, but still. I would make a couple tweaks such as a wider waist band and move the pocket to the front. For whatever reason, I thought the pocket was in the front from the pictures (I obviously didn’t pay too close attention to the description!) and I found that reaching for the pocket, I couldn’t find it easily. But, I also didn’t have anything in it at the time, I just wanted to see how easily it was to reach.

So, the Disneyland half marathon is this coming Sunday. I’m exciting since it’ll be my second half and I definitely feel like a stronger runner, but nervous because i’ve been having knee pain. More soreness than strong pain, but its there! It has generally been occurring during and after runs that are 8 to 9 miles or longer. I need to make a priority to build the muscles around my knees, but I also need to be sure to listen to my body during the race and remind myself that there’s nothing wrong with walking! I always tell people that if your body is telling you to walk, then walk, but I always feel like if I’m going to run a half (or any distance race) then I need to run every step. I need to get out of that! So, we’ll see how it goes. I’m running another half in October, so I don’t want to injure myself this weekend.

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i live at camp

Oiy! The past 4 to 6 weeks have been crazy! Last September I started a graphic design program and I’m finally in the home stretch and “graduating” 3 weeks. I CANNOT WAIT! Work has been a little crazy/interesting as well, and with working full time and taking classes three nights a week, I’m very much looking forward to have some extra free time in my life. I totally have a case of “senoritis” too and it has been hard to motivate myself to get the final touches on all my projects. Anyways, things have been a little hectic and very stressful lately and this morning came the incident (which in hind sight is relatively minor) that sent me over the edge!!!

It’s kind of a long story, but I’ll try to keep it short. The beginning of August, we moved into a new apartment that’s within the same complex we were in, just a different building and same floor plan (that’s a whole other long fiasco of story itself). Obviously, moving is a pain in itself, but we got through it and are *mostly* unpack (just don’t look in the guest bedroom!). So, the first year we lived in this complex, NO issues at all. Never had any maintenance problems, never any issues with the front office. Totally happy tenants.

Then we moved.

I swear, I think I have had a call or had to have gone into the leasing office every day since we moved. But again, nothing extremely major or bad, usually it was miscommunication between the people in the leasing office than anything we have done. Miscommunication, because for whatever reason, you never work with the same person twice, so its all he said she said. But again, my short story is becoming long.

So, yesterday, there was some maintenance being done in the apartment below us as those tenants had moved out and they were preparing the place for the new ones. And they saw water leaking down the wall. Coming for our water heater. Which is interesting b/c Josh and I have both thought that our water doesn’t get super hot unless you push the lever all the way over to “H” but I just assumed that’s how it was and it definitely wasn’t cold, so I can live with it. Anyways, they obviously had to come into our apt and check out the situation and work on it. Well, in the process, we managed to lose our hot water all together.

Which Josh found out when he got home (I was in class until late)…and there was still time to call the front office. Our conversation when I got home was this:

Josh: “So, I think they turned off our hot water when they were here. I couldn’t get any from the sink.”

Julie: “Oh, ok. When did you get home?”

Josh: “4”

Julie: ¬†“So, why didn’t you call the front office? They are open until 6.”

Josh: “Oh, I guess I just didn’t think to. I don’t have to work until tomorrow afternoon, so I thought I’d call them in the morning.”

Julie: “Cool. I’ll just take a cold show in the morning then.”

Josh: “Oh. Yeah…”


This morning – I generally wake up between 4:30 and 5 depending on what I plan to do for exercise in the morning. Yesterday, I ran 6 miles, so this morning I was planning on some kind of cross training. My knees have been sore recently (runners knee maybe?) and with a half marathon coming up, I decided to just walk on a steep incline on the treadmill for 25 mins and then do some strength moves. So, got up, took the dogs out for a quick potty break, went to the gym and came back. Usually when I get back I cool down with some stretching, watch a show on the DVR, make lunch and eat some b’fast. Now it’s 7, and I go to the shower, mentally preparing for a cold one! And what do I get? I drizzle. A spitting mist. No water pressure. And then it stops all together.

So, I try the guest bathroom. More of a light stream, still not enough for a shower, so I close the drain and try to get enough for a (cold) bath. And then it stops. I’m a hot, sweaty, stinky mess…I can’t go to work like this! I wake Josh up, and out convo”

Julie: “The water in the bathrooms isn’t working. Can you try calling maintenance?

Josh: “Aren’t there showers by the pool?”

Julie: “Um, I don’t really know. But if you think I’m going to take all my stuff down there to find out, you would be wrong. This isn’t camp!”

(I mean, really? He wanted me to go take a shower at the pool?)

Josh: “Yeah, ok. I’ll call them.”

So, maintenance comes. It’s about 7:45 now. And we’re told that the valve is broken and he’s going to have to wait for his team to get here before it can be fixed. But, he knows that I need to be getting to work. Convo:

Maintenance Man: “The apt a couple doors down is vacant. She can use the shower there, it’s been cleaned. Oh, but it was just sprayed for fleas, so I’ll have to check if there are any signs on them.”

Josh: “Oh, ok. That works.”

Julie (to myself): “You have got to be kidding me.”

Few minutes later…

MM: “No signs of fleas. If you want to use that shower, the door is unlock. I’ll be back in about an hour when my team gets here”

Josh: “Ok, thanks.”

Julie (muttering to myself): “I’m going to go to take a shower in a vacant apartment with no “signs” of fleas. This is camp.”

So, I gathered my washing items and headed over there and let myself in. So weird.

It was a rather tough morning, but I’m trying to make the rest of the day better. Positive thinking! It’s a great day in San Diego, work is pretty calm today, and I’m thinking of treating myself to a Coffee Bean tea latte! Love, love, love them! ūüôā

Update to our water heater, apparently they fixed the hot water valve and another valve is now broken (obviously, high quality materials here) and now they have to call a plumber and turn off the water for the entire building. Oops.

I’m sure our new neighbors are welcoming up with open arms!!!

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It’s getting hot in San Diego! I hope everyone is wearing their sunscreen. Skin cancer is no fun. I have a scar to prove it.¬†

Where have I been? I can’t believe its been so long since the last post, the past few weeks have been busy, unfortunately uneventful, just busy busy.¬†

So, I have a friend who knows I have a tendency to get in awkward/embarrassing situations without meaning to. I think she’s jealous of it really, but always enjoys the stories. So here’s one from the weekend…

Josh had to work all weekend so I was on my own for running errands. I actually don’t mind but the one place I hate going alone is Costco. Especially on the weekend. Generally we try to do Costco during the week since there’s less people, but we needed some stuff so I just assumed get it done with. So, I grabbed a couple reusable shopping bags (go green!) and headed over. I did my shopping, got tons of produce (too much actually…every meal is going to need a big bowl of fruit with it! but yum!) and headed to the check out. The guy packing up the cart asked if I wanted boxes and I told him I brought my own bags. He grabbed one shook it open and with that, a pair of pink polk dot panties went flying through the air and conveniently landed at my feet. You see, I grabbed this bag (my fav) from the laundry room and apparently the panties got stuck within the bag. That is pretty impressive considering I had taken that bag from the laundry room, down to my car, thrown in the trunk, grabbed from the trunk, walked into costco, and moved around within the cart a couple times. Talk about static cling. At least they were clean.

I was SO embarrassed. Shockingly, the guy bagging didn’t see to notice but the checkout lady did. I didn’t even know what to do. I literally stared at them for a second and in that time went through about 100 scenarios of what to do. Finally, I just picked them up shoved them back in the bag (since it was packed in the cart by then), took my receipt and ran out. Oh, but wait, you have to get your receipt and cart checked at the door. Oh, but I put my panties in with the stuff in the bag. Well, maybe they won’t look in the bag. OH, she looked! Yes, she did. I know she saw them. I wasn’t going to explain. She marked my receipt and again RAN to my car. Laughing the entire time.¬†

I wish I could say that’s the only experience I’ve had with lone personal articles of clothing leaving the house with me. When I came home from college during the summers, I would help out with errands like dry cleaning and grocery shopping. I took the dry cleaning in one time, and you know how they pull each piece out to count? Oh, well, there was a bra in the midst of clothing. It wasn’t mine, my stepmothers, but what do you do in that situation? “Light starch, please?” And you’re dropping the clothes off so you obviously have to go back for them at some point. Awkward.

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running skirt

I did my first run this morning in a running skirt! This¬†is the one I got at Target. I’ve seen a few girls at races and such wearing them and thought they were super cute but wasn’t sure how I’d feel running in a skirt I wanted to get a less expensive one to try out. I have to admit, I felt pretty damn cute in it! In the spirit of the flirty skirt, i wore a matching red top to match my shoes. I got the skirt in a medium and it was big around my waist but I felt the shorts underneath fit my thighs well. I was a little worried about it the skirt falling during the run, but it wasn’t an issue at all. HOWEVER, those shorts road up my thighs so bad! The plan for this mornings run was 5 miles and was accomplished (which since I was wearing new gear I should have considered saving that for a shorter run, but I was feeling risky), but I swear at some points that I would spark a fire between my legs as I’m blessed with inner thighs that touch, haha. In the end the chaffing was minimal but I ma have lost my cuteness factor when I was lifting the skirt to try to pull down the shorts…or if someone saw and thought I was giving out free shows…awkward.

I did notice that the shorts mainly went north when I was running hills, so maybe this particular skirt would be better on a flat run. I think I might just keep looking for a better quality skirt  (no offense C9, I actually have a lot of your products and like them) with shorts that stay put and use this one for leisurely sporting activities. 

I joined the bandwagon and order some Amazing Grass that came in yesterday. I got a the sample packet combo and also a small tub of wheat grass and amazing superfood to try out. This morning I added a scoop of wheat grass to my smoothie (i love smoothies after a good workout, so refreshing and since my body doesn’t have to work to break down foods and digest them, it can get¬†nutrients¬†asap) and you can¬†definitely¬†taste it! It’s not a bad taste, but by the end I was a little overwhelmed with it. I made Josh a smoothie too but only added a half scoop to his and it wasn’t as strong at all. I think I’ll try that next time.

Our smoothie mixes this morning included:

  • 1 banana
  • handful frozen mango
  • 1/4 c. blueberries (to give that lovely green-gray color)
  • 1/2 c plain almond milk (regular skim milk for Josh)
  • Scoop of almond butter (peanut butter for Josh)
  • small handful spinach (since adding wheatgrass)
  • 1 scoop wheatgrass (1/2 for Josh)

I did notice this morning that I didn’t get the mid-morning droopy eye effect that I usually get. Since I’m generally up so early and working out, usually around 11:00 I start feeling a little bleh (which I also think is from weaning myself off coffee…1 month strong without the drip!) and I really didn’t start feeling hungry until 12…when usually I start dreaming of food by 10:30. Are all the claims true?!?! We shall see!

For lunch I had a sweet potato on spinach leaves with a generous dollop¬†of¬†mediterranean¬†hummus from Trader Joe’s (one of my fav¬†hummus’s) plus a side of water, plus a square of a peanut butter choco chip bar. Yummers! I wanted to start taking photos of my food, but I forgot the camera this morning. I brought one of the chocolate Amazing Grass packets to work today so if I’m feeling in need of a pick me up I’ll give it a try.¬†

Tonight’s plan: Sushi making class! Can’t wait!¬†

Trash TV to DVR tonight: Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion, part 2

Yay for Thursday!

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Sister, Sister

The craziest thing happened today! There is a large dog park near where I work, so when Josh doesn’t have to work until the afternoon, he’ll bring Carley and Kenzie up there around lunchtime and I’ll go meet them. Well, today was one of those days, and when I got ¬†to the park, there was another guy up there with his black lab and it was none other than Kenzie’s “real” sister from her original litter! It was so cute, that of course I had to take a pic!


Sisters! Kenzie and Joy

Sisters! Kenzie and Joy

Kenzie is on the left and Joy on the right. It were exchanging “notes” on their behavior traits and was comforted that Joy has also taken a liking to destroying household furniture! haha…atleast we know its in the genes and not something we’re doing! You can’t really tell from the pic but they are the exact same height, Kenz is just a few pounds heavier. They actually have a brother as well that we’ve heard from the lab rescue organization were we got Kenz that he is about 70 lbs too…tanks!¬†

Ironically, there was a boy version of Carley at the park last week – literally exact replicas and both OBSESSIVE over fetch – but no connection. There’s something about that park…

In other news, the weekend of course was too short! I swear I blinked and it was Sunday night. I hate when that happens. Oh well. Saturday I had the best run I’ve had in a long time! The past couple short runs I’ve been on have just been runs where your legs feel like lead and it was hard to get thru. So, since I’m training for a upcoming half marathon, Saturdays are my long run days. This time around I’m taking more time to up the mileage (my first half in January went well, but I think I up mileage too quickly and had really bad knee pain), and Saturday’s plan was a 7 mile run. Best run ever! I went to a local park area that has a good path to follow that is long enough that you can run out pretty far and back and you don’t feel like you’re running in circles. I left Carley at home to sleep in (I don’t take her on runs over 6 miles) and manage 7 miles in 1:00:43. I could NOT believe I got done that quickly! The course was mostly flat which obviously helps! I kept checking my pace on my watch thinking I needed to slow down but I manage to keep it up. Average pace was 8:40. We’ll see how the next run goes and if I can do it again ūüôā¬†

Pop’s day was good. My dad was in Atlanta and visiting his parents, but is coming in town this week so we can celebrate then. I started the day doing another stair workout with bootcamp – and am feeling it today – and then the rest of the day was spent with Josh’s fam. We did a brunch in the park and later did pizza and ice cream floats for dinner. Unfortunately, by the time we ate again I was uber hungry and ate more than I wanted, but seriously, it was goooooooooooood. yum!

Well, Bachlorette time! Jillian is the best bachlorette yet. And I totally have a *teeny* crush on Reid! Such a cutie, love his glasses! Don’t tell Josh ūüėČ

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After a long Saturday of finishing some design projects, I was ready for some relaxation on Sunday. After a morning workout of stairs at the san diego convention center (steep climbs!), I found out that my great-grandmother had passed away. We all new her time was coming to a close as her body was just getting weaker and weaker and she had no appetite for food, but even as prepared as we were, it obviously is still sad and painful. My great-grandmother was an amazing and strong women who lived a very long, happy and loving life. She would have reached the big 100 in August. She was and will remain a huge inspiration to me; even at 99 she lived on her own (around the corner from my grandmother) and continued to take care of herself and home. She took care of my great-grandfather when he was diagnosed with¬†Alzheimer’s for many years until he passed away. She loved him sooo much and even when his memory was the worst, he always remembered her and had a spark in his eye. I’m very thankful that for the most part, my great-grandmother had a peaceful passing and wasn’t battling cancer or any of the other many things that can effect a person. I will her smile and laugh dearly, and hope that I, too, am healthy and strong enough to take care of myself as she did when I’m her age.

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