Hi everyone! My name is Julie and Carley is my dog and running partner. Running with Carley is about my day to day life, love for running and health, as well as Carley, and her “sister,” Kenzie.


I started running in my high school years along with my dad who was an avid runner at the time. It was a chance for us to spend time together and I always remembered as a kid, probably about 8, demanding that he take me running with him. “I can do it,” I thought…I’m pretty sure I got down a couple blocks in and asked begged pleaded for him to take me back. So, when I was about 15, I thought I can do it now, and while the first run was tough (“Do I have asthma?” I thought), I managed. And the next night, I went with him again, and it was awesome! I developed a pretty good endurance and ran a few 10ks.

Then I went to college, got busy lazy, went to the school gym a few times, but definitely wasn’t running. After graduation in 2005, my dad and step-mother were being transfered to San Diego, and since I’d never really left the south, decided I’d check out with them…plus, I didn’t have a job lined up and was poor! Of course everyone knows that San Diego is the weather capital and I got back into running. Like before, my first time out was rough (“I should go to a doctor and get checked for asthma,” I thought) but my legs remembered and the next time out, it was great. 

Then, I met my boyfriend and fell into the typical “swooning routine” (lets-spend-all-our-time-together-and-eat-out-all-the-time) and replaced running with spending more time with him. Luckily, I managed to maintain my weight, but I wasn’t feeling my best. 2 1/2 years later (yes, 2 1/2…it took that long) I still had my boyfriend but wanted to feel better about myself. Plus, the company I was working for at the time closed its doors and I was laid off and had time on my hands.


me and josh

me and josh


I started with an all-women’s bootcamp that was great and challenging and the cardio portion was running based and I loved it. After the bootcamp was over (August 2008), I had gotten a new job and the timing didn’t work for me to continue this bootcamp but I wasn’t giving up running. In September, I decided I wanted to try for a half-marathon to keep up my motivation and give me something to look forward to. I planned on the Carlsbad Half for January 2009 and convinced my dad to partake as well. (oh, btw, my dad is now into biking and runs a few miles here and there, so a half-marathon was a challenge). January came and we took off. I finished in 2:05 and have kept that “runners high” going. I love know going out for runs in area that were once very hard and feeling strong completing them.


Carlsbad Half

Carlsbad Half


Now, I run for exercise and to keep up endurance. I’m always looking for runs to partake in because I love the running community and the excitement for running a race. My goals are to one do a marathon and also a triathlon. I also want to start biking soon as my knees do feel the pain of running every now and then and would like a “softer” option for them. They are only 26 years old and I need them to last for awhile! And writing, this I obviously want to be like pops! (We also have the same birthday *awe*)

So, since the name of this blog is about Carley, here’s a little about her. My boyfriend and I adopted her December 23, 2007 from a county shelter. She was estimated at being 9 months old. She’s a golden retriever/lab mix. She’s is a total alpha dog with energy to outlast everyone and everything. No joke. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the beginning of her life as she was found on the side of the road with no tags or microchip, but we guess due to her high energy, maybe her former owners couldn’t handle it. Seriously, I run with her 3-4 times a week and then my boyfriend takes her to play fetch after that and she STILL wants to keep going. But, we of course love her to pieces, even if we are exhausted. 🙂 


The Carley

The Carley



In September, we adopted Kenzie from a lab rescue group. She was 4 months old when we got her and she’s a lab mix with what we think is Rhodesian Ridgeback. She had a tough first few weeks of life. She was part of a litter of 8 that was dropped off at a shelter (different from where we got Carley) that is known to be a high kill shelter. The lab rescue group found out about them and retrieved them immediately. They were found to be malnourished, very dirty, and only a few weeks old. Kenzie actually had a bald spot on her head that we suspect is a burn spot. But, she is a total bundle of love and such a happy dog. She loves people and is so content to just sit in your lap (all 70 lbs!) and be petted. She is also big on kisses and is known to get you on the smacker when you least expect it. So cute. 





So, that’s that. Hope you enjoy my blog, and please leave comments. If you’d like to contact me directly, please email: runningwithcarley(at)gmail.com.


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