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i live at camp

Oiy! The past 4 to 6 weeks have been crazy! Last September I started a graphic design program and I’m finally in the home stretch and “graduating” 3 weeks. I CANNOT WAIT! Work has been a little crazy/interesting as well, and with working full time and taking classes three nights a week, I’m very much looking forward to have some extra free time in my life. I totally have a case of “senoritis” too and it has been hard to motivate myself to get the final touches on all my projects. Anyways, things have been a little hectic and very stressful lately and this morning came the incident (which in hind sight is relatively minor) that sent me over the edge!!!

It’s kind of a long story, but I’ll try to keep it short. The beginning of August, we moved into a new apartment that’s within the same complex we were in, just a different building and same floor plan (that’s a whole other long fiasco of story itself). Obviously, moving is a pain in itself, but we got through it and are *mostly* unpack (just don’t look in the guest bedroom!). So, the first year we lived in this complex, NO issues at all. Never had any maintenance problems, never any issues with the front office. Totally happy tenants.

Then we moved.

I swear, I think I have had a call or had to have gone into the leasing office every day since we moved. But again, nothing extremely major or bad, usually it was miscommunication between the people in the leasing office than anything we have done. Miscommunication, because for whatever reason, you never work with the same person twice, so its all he said she said. But again, my short story is becoming long.

So, yesterday, there was some maintenance being done in the apartment below us as those tenants had moved out and they were preparing the place for the new ones. And they saw water leaking down the wall. Coming for our water heater. Which is interesting b/c Josh and I have both thought that our water doesn’t get super hot unless you push the lever all the way over to “H” but I just assumed that’s how it was and it definitely wasn’t cold, so I can live with it. Anyways, they obviously had to come into our apt and check out the situation and work on it. Well, in the process, we managed to lose our hot water all together.

Which Josh found out when he got home (I was in class until late)…and there was still time to call the front office. Our conversation when I got home was this:

Josh: “So, I think they turned off our hot water when they were here. I couldn’t get any from the sink.”

Julie: “Oh, ok. When did you get home?”

Josh: “4”

Julie:  “So, why didn’t you call the front office? They are open until 6.”

Josh: “Oh, I guess I just didn’t think to. I don’t have to work until tomorrow afternoon, so I thought I’d call them in the morning.”

Julie: “Cool. I’ll just take a cold show in the morning then.”

Josh: “Oh. Yeah…”


This morning – I generally wake up between 4:30 and 5 depending on what I plan to do for exercise in the morning. Yesterday, I ran 6 miles, so this morning I was planning on some kind of cross training. My knees have been sore recently (runners knee maybe?) and with a half marathon coming up, I decided to just walk on a steep incline on the treadmill for 25 mins and then do some strength moves. So, got up, took the dogs out for a quick potty break, went to the gym and came back. Usually when I get back I cool down with some stretching, watch a show on the DVR, make lunch and eat some b’fast. Now it’s 7, and I go to the shower, mentally preparing for a cold one! And what do I get? I drizzle. A spitting mist. No water pressure. And then it stops all together.

So, I try the guest bathroom. More of a light stream, still not enough for a shower, so I close the drain and try to get enough for a (cold) bath. And then it stops. I’m a hot, sweaty, stinky mess…I can’t go to work like this! I wake Josh up, and out convo”

Julie: “The water in the bathrooms isn’t working. Can you try calling maintenance?

Josh: “Aren’t there showers by the pool?”

Julie: “Um, I don’t really know. But if you think I’m going to take all my stuff down there to find out, you would be wrong. This isn’t camp!”

(I mean, really? He wanted me to go take a shower at the pool?)

Josh: “Yeah, ok. I’ll call them.”

So, maintenance comes. It’s about 7:45 now. And we’re told that the valve is broken and he’s going to have to wait for his team to get here before it can be fixed. But, he knows that I need to be getting to work. Convo:

Maintenance Man: “The apt a couple doors down is vacant. She can use the shower there, it’s been cleaned. Oh, but it was just sprayed for fleas, so I’ll have to check if there are any signs on them.”

Josh: “Oh, ok. That works.”

Julie (to myself): “You have got to be kidding me.”

Few minutes later…

MM: “No signs of fleas. If you want to use that shower, the door is unlock. I’ll be back in about an hour when my team gets here”

Josh: “Ok, thanks.”

Julie (muttering to myself): “I’m going to go to take a shower in a vacant apartment with no “signs” of fleas. This is camp.”

So, I gathered my washing items and headed over there and let myself in. So weird.

It was a rather tough morning, but I’m trying to make the rest of the day better. Positive thinking! It’s a great day in San Diego, work is pretty calm today, and I’m thinking of treating myself to a Coffee Bean tea latte! Love, love, love them! 🙂

Update to our water heater, apparently they fixed the hot water valve and another valve is now broken (obviously, high quality materials here) and now they have to call a plumber and turn off the water for the entire building. Oops.

I’m sure our new neighbors are welcoming up with open arms!!!


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