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June 5, 2009 at 6:14 pm 1 comment

So, yesterday was my birthday. I still can’t get over how much fun it was. I’m generally not a big “party girl” for my birthday, but I love doing something different and unique from a regular day as well as seeing friends and family. I slept in until 5:45ish (which is sleeping in for me as I’m generally up by 4:45/5) and got in a short 2.5 mile run with Carley. The activity for the day said you’d need your full energy for it and to not do a strenuous workout that day, but since I’m running a 10k on Sunday and I got to a bootcamp class on Fridays, I wanted to get some running in.


camera shy

 Excuse the gapping hole in the couch. That was courtesy of Kenzie when we first got her and haven’t had the chance ($$$) to replace it yet. After the run, i got cleaned up and ran some errands and then went on to the main event…trapeze flying! I’ve never ever done this, but I always think its so amazing at shows to see people flying around and doing tricks and I happened to google it and found a place near San Diego that gives lessons and their beginners classes are on Thursday, so perfecto. 

I was so pumped up and excited to do this but I tell you, as soon as I got there and saw everything, I started wondering what I got myself in to, but was just going to go with the flow. I was actually a couple minutes late (Josh can never be on time, drives me nuts!) so only got the tail in of the basic instructions and seriously, it was time to climb the ladder. And somehow, even though I was late to arrive, I got pushed up the ladder first. I’m not really scared of heights, but holy bananas, it was scary up there!


holding on for dear life

holding on for dear life










The bar you hold onto is a lot heavier than it looks. They give you commands of “Ready” and you basically lean out with your hips and chest with someone holding a rope that’s attached to the waist belt and then you life the bar over your head and wait for the command “Hemp” to jump and go. Well, at Ready they kept telling me to life the bar, and I was like, “I am!” Then the guy at the top (who was 19 and been doing this since he was 4!) yells “Hemp” and I don’t move! Haha…he literally had to push me off! But, once you go its SO fun and exhilarating! After doing just a basic swing a few times, they teach you how to bring your legs up and over the bar so you’ll be hanging from your knees. Oh my goodness, it was such a mental thing, but I couldn’t do it! But, I did manage to learn to do a backflip off the bar to land in the net. 

IMG_0920   IMG_0954







I have to say, as scared and overwhelmed that I felt at times, it was totally worth it. I thought going in that the first jump would be challenging to get thru and after that I’d calm down and be fine, but every time I climbed to the top, I got so nervous! But, I would definitely recommend this and want to try it again!

After flying, we were meeting my dad for dinner. My dad and I have the same birthday, so when we are together on b’days (he splits his time between San Diego and Atlanta for work) we always have dinner together, and last night we chose Cheesecake Factory! Yum! My dad loves this place, and I enjoy it to, but the menu is insane! So many pages of choices. I decided on the Grill Eggplant sandwich since I had eaten an apple on the way back from trapeze (I was starved!) and I knew we were going to have dessert! The sandwich was very tasty, but kind of hard to eat as a sandwich…everything kept sliding out. And I totally had some fries on the side. For dessert, Josh got some cheesecake and I got mud pie that came with ice cream (I love me some ice cream), but when it got to the table, it could feed a village of 5,000, so we brought the cheesecake home, along with most of the mud pie!


birthday dinner

birthday dinner

Afterwards, Josh and I thought we’d hit up a late night movie, but we were both pretty beat and decided for a netflix movie at home, Bride Wars. And I tried to get a belly rub out of Kenzie and Carley, but had none of that and insisted I give them one instead. Spoiled rotten, those two!


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  • 1. sweetandnatural  |  June 6, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    Hi Julie – Thanks for your comment on my guest post! I love the title of your blog. I’m such a sucker for pets! 🙂


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