Sister, Sister

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The craziest thing happened today! There is a large dog park near where I work, so when Josh doesn’t have to work until the afternoon, he’ll bring Carley and Kenzie up there around lunchtime and I’ll go meet them. Well, today was one of those days, and when I got  to the park, there was another guy up there with his black lab and it was none other than Kenzie’s “real” sister from her original litter! It was so cute, that of course I had to take a pic!


Sisters! Kenzie and Joy

Sisters! Kenzie and Joy

Kenzie is on the left and Joy on the right. It were exchanging “notes” on their behavior traits and was comforted that Joy has also taken a liking to destroying household furniture! haha…atleast we know its in the genes and not something we’re doing! You can’t really tell from the pic but they are the exact same height, Kenz is just a few pounds heavier. They actually have a brother as well that we’ve heard from the lab rescue organization were we got Kenz that he is about 70 lbs too…tanks! 

Ironically, there was a boy version of Carley at the park last week – literally exact replicas and both OBSESSIVE over fetch – but no connection. There’s something about that park…

In other news, the weekend of course was too short! I swear I blinked and it was Sunday night. I hate when that happens. Oh well. Saturday I had the best run I’ve had in a long time! The past couple short runs I’ve been on have just been runs where your legs feel like lead and it was hard to get thru. So, since I’m training for a upcoming half marathon, Saturdays are my long run days. This time around I’m taking more time to up the mileage (my first half in January went well, but I think I up mileage too quickly and had really bad knee pain), and Saturday’s plan was a 7 mile run. Best run ever! I went to a local park area that has a good path to follow that is long enough that you can run out pretty far and back and you don’t feel like you’re running in circles. I left Carley at home to sleep in (I don’t take her on runs over 6 miles) and manage 7 miles in 1:00:43. I could NOT believe I got done that quickly! The course was mostly flat which obviously helps! I kept checking my pace on my watch thinking I needed to slow down but I manage to keep it up. Average pace was 8:40. We’ll see how the next run goes and if I can do it again 🙂 

Pop’s day was good. My dad was in Atlanta and visiting his parents, but is coming in town this week so we can celebrate then. I started the day doing another stair workout with bootcamp – and am feeling it today – and then the rest of the day was spent with Josh’s fam. We did a brunch in the park and later did pizza and ice cream floats for dinner. Unfortunately, by the time we ate again I was uber hungry and ate more than I wanted, but seriously, it was goooooooooooood. yum!

Well, Bachlorette time! Jillian is the best bachlorette yet. And I totally have a *teeny* crush on Reid! Such a cutie, love his glasses! Don’t tell Josh 😉


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