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September 9, 2009 at 7:22 pm 1 comment

I successfully finished the Disneyland Half Marathon!! Woot woot! My unofficial time was around 2:02/2:03. I saw unofficial because a) I had to stop to use the restroom around mile 2, b) per my garmin, when I crossed the finish line the total distance was 13.23 miles, and c) I forgot to stop my timer right away and walked a few feet before I did. I’m happy with my time though; I did secretly want to come in under 2 hours, but while I was out on the course, I just decided to enjoy the run and not stress over the time. I also took a one minute walking break around mile 8 as my knee was starting to feel sore. Must have helped as I didn’t feel anything more once I started up again.

So, the morning of the race…all week I was super nervous as to how the weather would be since it was hot in the 90’s (even 100’s) all week. Even though the morning’s are cooler, its been warm in the morning and gets hot quickly. So, I was very happy when I went out and it was cool and a little overcast. I’m not sure how, but I was placed in the second corral (aren’t the beginning corrals reserved for fast runners? aka – not me!). I had done a good job a psyching myself out coming to the start line thinking I was going to be surrounded by super fit runners, but was happily surprised to feel like I blended in and that everyone seemed like average runners (which to me means wearing your basic running shorts and shoes…nothing too fancy!) Even though I was worried about the heat, I had decided to wear my new running skirt with the capri tights underneath as to not have to deal with pulling short legs down and chaffing. (gotta love running talk!)

It was about 8 minutes before the race was set to start and I had to go to the restroom SO bad. As in SO bad. But, with the port-o-potties way behind me and the race about to start, I didn’t want to try to weave my way through the crowd. I knew they had stops along the course, but I also decided to run with my Nathan waterbottle (which I love) and I really didn’t want to have to take that with me into a port-o-potty, I took my chances to see how long I could last. Luckily, the course starts out going a mile on surface streets and then into the Disneyland park. Hallelujah, there was a regular restroom at mile 2!!!!!!!!! Whew! That could have been bad.

I survived my first ever restroom catastrophe and pushed forward. We were only in the park for about a mile, maybe a mile and a half and then back onto surface streets. What I loved about this course, was there was never a long stretch of road where you would look ahead and feel like you were never going to get there. You could constantly see where the next turn was, which helps me to motivate myself when feeling like I want to stop to just get to the next corner, etc. The first 6 miles went by surprisingly very fast and I was able to stay at a 9:20/9:30 pace which is what I wanted to do. Getting close to mile 8, was when my knee started to feel sore. I’m generally tough on myself and don’t want to have to walk, but I had just been to a doctor’s appointment and she was telling me how she used to be a runner until she blew out her knee training for a marathon and could no longer run, and I want to be able to always run. So, I allowed myself a one minute walk break. And it was perfect. After that I started back up and was feeling good.

My favorite part of the course was running through Angel’s stadium. I’m not a huge baseball fan or anything, but it was just felt special to run through the tunnels and onto the field. There were about 2500 kids in the stadium just going nuts cheering everyone on. Then I saw myself on the jumbo-tron. I was one scary, sweaty mess!! At least that only lasted for a second! But still super fun. After getting through Angel’s stadium, I did kind of hit a wall, but was still feeling good. Oddly, I was craving just pure water. I had a half gatorade (lemon-lime) half water mix in my waterbottle, but all I really wanted was water. So at mile 10 and 11 I grabbed a cup and stopped for a few seconds to drink. I haven’t yet mastered the run, not spill, and drink without chocking or water going up my nose yet. Soon after mile 12 you could see the Tower of Terror coming up, so I knew we were close and soon later entered California Adventures. At mile marker 13 we had left the park and were entering Downtown Disney and I also happened to check my watch where it was reading 13.1. Tricky! From there I sprinted to the end and finito! Yay!

IMG_2219Not a great picture, but oh well. I haven’t seen any postings of the photos from the race yet (although I NEVER like them…I’m an “ugly runner”…always looking like I’m in pain or can’t breathe! haha). And I’ll have to take some pics of the medal as it is ginormous!


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new running skirt!

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  • 1. Liz @ in the skinny  |  September 10, 2009 at 12:47 am

    Congrats on finishing the half! Can’t wait to see the medal – I think that is my favorite part of racing.

    I don’t have a Garmin, but I have heard people say that their mileage is usually off like yours was. Someone said it was due to that we don’t run in a straight line (cutting corners or taking the wide part of a curve to get around other people) like how the course was measured. All I know is I would love to have one someday!


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