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It’s getting hot in San Diego! I hope everyone is wearing their sunscreen. Skin cancer is no fun. I have a scar to prove it. 

Where have I been? I can’t believe its been so long since the last post, the past few weeks have been busy, unfortunately uneventful, just busy busy. 

So, I have a friend who knows I have a tendency to get in awkward/embarrassing situations without meaning to. I think she’s jealous of it really, but always enjoys the stories. So here’s one from the weekend…

Josh had to work all weekend so I was on my own for running errands. I actually don’t mind but the one place I hate going alone is Costco. Especially on the weekend. Generally we try to do Costco during the week since there’s less people, but we needed some stuff so I just assumed get it done with. So, I grabbed a couple reusable shopping bags (go green!) and headed over. I did my shopping, got tons of produce (too much actually…every meal is going to need a big bowl of fruit with it! but yum!) and headed to the check out. The guy packing up the cart asked if I wanted boxes and I told him I brought my own bags. He grabbed one shook it open and with that, a pair of pink polk dot panties went flying through the air and conveniently landed at my feet. You see, I grabbed this bag (my fav) from the laundry room and apparently the panties got stuck within the bag. That is pretty impressive considering I had taken that bag from the laundry room, down to my car, thrown in the trunk, grabbed from the trunk, walked into costco, and moved around within the cart a couple times. Talk about static cling. At least they were clean.

I was SO embarrassed. Shockingly, the guy bagging didn’t see to notice but the checkout lady did. I didn’t even know what to do. I literally stared at them for a second and in that time went through about 100 scenarios of what to do. Finally, I just picked them up shoved them back in the bag (since it was packed in the cart by then), took my receipt and ran out. Oh, but wait, you have to get your receipt and cart checked at the door. Oh, but I put my panties in with the stuff in the bag. Well, maybe they won’t look in the bag. OH, she looked! Yes, she did. I know she saw them. I wasn’t going to explain. She marked my receipt and again RAN to my car. Laughing the entire time. 

I wish I could say that’s the only experience I’ve had with lone personal articles of clothing leaving the house with me. When I came home from college during the summers, I would help out with errands like dry cleaning and grocery shopping. I took the dry cleaning in one time, and you know how they pull each piece out to count? Oh, well, there was a bra in the midst of clothing. It wasn’t mine, my stepmothers, but what do you do in that situation? “Light starch, please?” And you’re dropping the clothes off so you obviously have to go back for them at some point. Awkward.


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