Iron Girl

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To end the birthday activities, LeeAnn and I ran the Aflac Iron Girl 5k/10k. LeeAnn just started running again, so she opted for the 5k while I did the 10k. It was a good run, the weather was overcast and cool most of the run, but the sun started peaking out towards the end and it got warmer. I know some people get energized by the sun, but it totally takes everything out of me! The makes me lethargic, so while most people get excited for summer, I kind of dread it b/c I feel like I’m tired all the time. Oh, well, back to the run. It started at the Del Mar Horse Track and the 10k runners basically did a 5k loop twice and ended by running on the actual horse track, which is kind of neat.

in the purple, coming around the bend

in the purple, coming around the bend

There were a couple decent hills with a moderate incline, but nothing too drastic. The only bummer about the race, I would say, is that since the 10k runners started first, but the time we started our second loop the 5k runners were out there but there were a LOT of walkers and they wouldn’t move! I felt like there should have been someone out there directing walkers to the left, runners to the right or vice versa, so that was a lot of congestion. I ended the race in a time of 54:58, equaling a pace of 8:51, which I’m very happy with. 



 I will say, that Aflac knows how to put on the race, check out the swag! Besides what’s in the pic below, they gave out a re-usable tote, breakfast after the race (banana, juice, muffins, and yogurt. I ate the banana), mini-luna bars (which I may have taken more that my fair share, but you should have seen the girl in front of me – I thought she was just going to take the box), plus a lot more other little things. 


I would definitely recommend this race; they have them at various locations around the country. And it’s women only, so if you’re female and want to try out a race, I think its a little less intimidating. And let’s not forget, the Iron Girl Pups!

Iron Girl Kenz

Iron Girl Kenz

Iron Girl Carley

Iron Girl Carley


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