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After a long Saturday of finishing some design projects, I was ready for some relaxation on Sunday. After a morning workout of stairs at the san diego convention center (steep climbs!), I found out that my great-grandmother had passed away. We all new her time was coming to a close as her body was just getting weaker and weaker and she had no appetite for food, but even as prepared as we were, it obviously is still sad and painful. My great-grandmother was an amazing and strong women who lived a very long, happy and loving life. She would have reached the big 100 in August. She was and will remain a huge inspiration to me; even at 99 she lived on her own (around the corner from my grandmother) and continued to take care of herself and home. She took care of my great-grandfather when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s for many years until he passed away. She loved him sooo much and even when his memory was the worst, he always remembered her and had a spark in his eye. I’m very thankful that for the most part, my great-grandmother had a peaceful passing and wasn’t battling cancer or any of the other many things that can effect a person. I will her smile and laugh dearly, and hope that I, too, am healthy and strong enough to take care of myself as she did when I’m her age.


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